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Rail Crossing Gate

During my time at NYAB: TDS I had constructed many hard surface models for their TDS6000 simulator system. This one stood out as one of my better ones as it was something of a turning point when I started to convince myself it was OKAY to exceed the 300 polygon budget per object we were told we would have. Turns out the engineering team didn’t know what they should be, so eventually myself and the other artists starting feeling things out ourselves and sure enough.. everything started looking better and the engine didn’t suffer. The textures also doubled from 1024 to 2048.


Rail Simulation in Unigine

During my time at New York Air Brake we began work on porting our assets from a homebrew 3D engine into Unigine. The idea being we could leverage some modern capabilities and not have to recreate eveything from scratch. The project was ill fated however as we were woefully understaffed and engineering didn’t have the skill to deliver the project. Still the art team managed to throw together some spectacular prototype shots of our static and procedural assets within Unigine to show we were on the right track. Pun intended.



Untitled Project

A few images from a passion project in Unity actively in development. I’m creating a game with procedurally generated planets. Players will be able to select from a variety of biome types.

Hofner Bass

This wasn’t for any particular project. As a lifelong Beatle fan I find the 500/1 Hofner Bass to be as elegant looking as it is smooth sounding, so why not model it?

These renders are particularly unique as they come from an early version of Unity5 just as they implemented their new lighting system and PBR. A quick solution just to get something on paper.

Just before my wedding I actually built one of these from a kit and had my guests sign it. After all, why have a guestbook that you’ll never read when you can have an art piece hanging on the wall at home?